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Ever heard of the phrase “Scent of a woman”? all these Diva’s like to be branded with one particular fragrance, but choosing the right perfume, can be a challenge, fear not pretty ladies, today we are going to discuss the most popular Perfumes for women 2012.

1.  Daisy EDT “So Fresh by Mac Jacobs

The scent is floral in nature but they’ve added a fresh twist of fruity fragrance, this in particular is designed for the youth, with a mix of raspberry, grapefruit and lychee scent, also essence of plum-cedarwood- musk that resonates when spraying the perfume.

2. Bois de lles Perfume for women by Chanel

The fragrance is oriental in nature; it comes from the Rue Cambon chanel collection. The perfume is a mix of aldhydes, coriander, neroli bergamot with a hint of floral scents like jasmine, rose lily and also has basic oriental smells like musk and vanilla, because of its unrivalled scent.

3. Kenzo L’eau Par by Kenzo Pour Femme, EDP 50ml

The fragrance is clean and very feminine with hints of water mint mingle, freshwater florals and some peaches. It’s a perfect blend and is best for a casual day with friends and also for work places.
Well those were the top three most awaited perfumes for 2012 here is another list of perfumes that may suite your personality the best.

Tommy Girl

Fresh, Flowery and fruity are the key words that explain its fragrance, the perfume is recognized for having an unusual scent but still its surprisingly good. One would expect the scent to be childish or for teeny bopy girls who discuss their latest crushes or music videos by Brittany spears or Justin beiber, well it certainly isn’t. This is a scent for women who are looking for a youthful fresh scent.


First hitting the shelves in 2006, and today it is ranked amongst the top perfumes for women. It has also been recognized as the fragrance of the year. Its an upbeat hip perfume, starting off with the fresh smells of fruits and it creates and delicious sensuous effects in the surroundings. The perfume carter to women of all ages but it’s a hot favorite for funky ladies in the house. It is known for it’s on the go nature of use, the minute it is sprayed a feeling of freshness is revived. It may be taken as a symbol for youthful girls but it is equally suitable for women of all ages.

Well Ladies I hope this was useful and optimistically after reading this you will all find your own unique scent that fits your personality the best.


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